How to Spell Motorcycle Commercial With Dewars

The use of motorcycles in commercials has been well-discussed, with Clutch and Chrome featuring several articles and even a video on the topic. The latest, best use of our favorite two-wheeled past time came from Dewars with its commercial ‘Cross Country Road Trip’.

While much of the message comes from an announcer asking deep questions such as ‘What would you give someone who taught you how to ride bike or drove through the night to be at your graduation?’ motorcycle emotions are captured by the images themselves.

It’s hard to believe but the commercial is only thirty second long. How it manages to convey so much in a short matter of time is incredible cleverness in filmmaking. Perfectly capturing snippets of a memorable road trip, the journey is enhanced by visuals that speak volumes.

A smaller motorcycle, open faced helmet, no saddlebags, instead the bottle of Dewars carried in a backpack worn by the rider, all these come together to give a unique feel of effort and sincerity. Staying away from every benchmark of stereotypes and glamor, even the weather is overcast and the scenery industrial.

As you can tell, this is our current favorite use of motorcycles in commercials and the moment. It may even make our next edition of this!

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