Episode 44 - 'Truck Runs Over My Ducati Motorcycle'

It’s every biker’s nightmare, something happening to their favorite ride and being helpless to stop it.

This is what happened to a British motorcyclist just a few days ago on the streets of London.

Innocuously named 'Episode 44', the video opens like many others found on Youtube, shot from a camera strapped to the rider’s helmet and riding down an everyday street. The two-wheeled video quickly turns into that nightmarish ‘feet stuck in molasses’ moment when a truck slowly comes around the corner straight at the biker.

Taking place in the London suburb of Peckham, the rider is seen shouting and waving at the truck which slowly but surely moves towards the biker on his Ducati Monster.

The jaw-dropping footage then shows the terrifying moment the rider is forced to dive onto the road as a truck drives over his motorcycle.

"I got away just in the nick of time,” says the rider who goes by the YouTube username of ‘Bigsmokeandthemonster’.

After the rider has jumped from his motorcycle the truck driver starts to drive forward again, dragging the mangled bike with him.

"Wait! Wait!" the motorcyclist cries out.

The truck driver then decides to attempt a reverse, and the motorcyclist can't believe his eyes, shouting in despair and pointing wildly to his bike.

Only then does the driver get out of his cab and inspect the damage.

"I know it sounds ridiculous, but my main thought was just, 'well that's bloody inconvenient'. It was lucky I got away with it," the rider told reporters.

If there were ever an award for most calm and collected motorcyclist, this rider would definitely walk away with the grand prize.

A witness to the accident comes to aid of the biker offering the only thing best likely to help, a big hug.

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