Latest Ducati Scrambler Video Rides Rio de Janeiro

On Ducati’s continuing ride to sell the lifestyle of its ever-popular Scrambler, another busy video featuring a group of bikers making their way around Brazil was released on Monday October 19th.

Set to a rocking track from the two man band The Cyborgs, the self-described music of ''elektrock'' boogie shows a group of friends frantically riding around Rio de Janeiro on Scrambler motorcycles and wearing the familiar yellow-accented gear.

With the song ‘Hi Ha Doobie Do Ha’ bouncing in the background the video’s description best sums up the activities;

Just spent a couple of days in Rio de Janeiro with some friends and their Urban Enduro, Classic and Full Throttle.

Between beaches, music, sun, rain and laughs this amazing city infected us with its good vibes!

What's better than riding with your buddies?!

The Italian motorcycle manufacturer has taken the road of success with its Scrambler motorcycle, giving the line its own web address, numerous competitions to capture the bike’s unique lifestyle image and did we mention accessories?

Shoes, jackets, helmets, bags, cups, beach items and oh yes, actual stuff which goes on the motorcycle itself. These are all on offer to the enthusiastic Scrambler owner, many with the distinct yellow, officially called ‘62 yellow’ featured on the Scrambler most commonly seen in the media which is the Icon.

The Land of Joy in Rio de Janeiro

Ducati’s Scrambler comes in four flavors; Icon, Urban Enduro, Classic and the Full Throttle. The difference between these four models is essentially appearance as all use the L-Twin 803, Desmodromic distribution, 2 valves per cylinder, air cooled engine which produces 75hp.

Wheel size is standard across all four models, Pirelli dual sport tires with the front measuring in at 18” and the rear at 17”. The tires would be the first visual clue to the motorcycle's ride giving the correct impression of a light and nimble performance.

Other common features include the wide handlebar, headlight with glass lens and LED guide-light ring, underseat USB plugin, an aluminum finish for the belt covers, engine heat guard and the interchangeable surround of the characteristic LCD instrument panel, all of which enrich the style of the bike.

The footage isn’t always perfectly shot, lit or even in focus giving the video that eclectic feel of a bunch of friends having a good time first, filming second. There’s even a scene of riding through the rain, when was the last motorcycle commercial that was seen in?

The feel is furthered by the editing which gives the impression of having been done as quickly as the filming itself. Another great effort by Ducati, the Scrambler and those who love it.

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