Harley Test Rides and What Riders Think - Episode David

Hearing the passion and enthusiasm when a rider slides into a new bike is something special.

Of course, manufacturers like this kind of conversation even more when a motorcyclist moves from another brand to theirs.

This was the case when Harley-Davidson took owners of other brands out for a test ride. In the case of this featured video, we watch David and his reaction as he rides a Harley for the first time in decades.

Owning a Sportster in his younger years, David discusses the difference between the Harley-Davidson being tested and the BMW Motorrad he currently owns.

Harley-Davidson classifies this video under the category of 'Project Rushmore'.

Readers of motorcycle publications will hear the term Project Rushmore associated with the Harley brand quite frequently, but what is it? A focus of Harley over the last few years, Project Rushmore was named after the famous monument located near the famous Sturgis Rally and came about after the company faced the hard times starting in 2009 that challenged the motorcycle industry as a whole.

It took three and half years, over 20 focus groups in the US and Europe, as well as a complete reworking of internal processes and procedures to become a leaner organization that could work more efficiently at engineering and developing motorcycles.

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