Extreme Bike Tours and Extremely Awesome Motorcycle Video

To many riders, shipping their favorite motorcycle off to a distant land and touring the country from the comfort of a familiar saddle is a recurring fantasy.

For maybe a smaller group of riders, going to places in those foreign lands, regardless how off road it may be is that same fantasy but on steroids.

All these thoughts come to mind when the Clutch and Chrome staff are ‘researching’ the latest motorcycle videos on both Youtube and Vimeo and certainly jumped out at us when we found this featured clip.

To be fair, the creators of this video, ‘Extreme Bike Tours’ worked hard for this video pick. Knowing there were millions of motorcycle videos on the internet, they came up with a clever strategy to get their production noticed.

‘Why not CREATE a Motorcycle video that rides across breathtaking Himalayas but in an awesome fun way like you have never seen before," they say on the video description.

It obviously worked. The director of the video, Rufus Blackwell won the ‘2014 Travel Photographer of the Year - Video Category’ with the effort. Also, Extreme Bike Tours was covered by BBC's Top Gear.

Watch the video closely for a ‘surprising 'furry little-fella' who decides to join the stars’.

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