French Cafe Racer Motorcycle Meet - A Must Watch

Riding is an international pastime with the passions surrounding motorcycles reaching across all languages.

As is the case with Youtube, Clutch and Chrome stumbled across this video by clicking here and then there and then viola, we are at a French Café Racer motorcycle rally.

The internet is such a cool place!

The Wheels and Waves rally was held in Biarritz, a luxurious seaside town in southwestern France on June 11th. According to the events website, this is the third year the event took place and it’s become so popular only café racers complying with strict standards set by the organizers were allowed to be shown.

The organizers not only love motorcycles but also surfing, hence the choice of venue.

While all of this is interesting background to the video, what caught our eye (and ears) were the typical scenes that could be taken from any motorcycle meet anywhere in the world. This brought home the international, two-wheeled past time we can converse in.

While the best French in the Clutch and Chrome offices is worse than a terrible high school students, we know the gang could turn up at this event and talk all day to our new riding buddies!


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