Life's Great On Triumph's New Scrambler - The Commercial Says So

Motorcycle commercials have become what ads for constipation and Viagra once were. Everyone who uses the product is having such a great time and live an action-filled life.

In the old days, advertising executives used wide open roads, incredibly hot women being attracted to bikers or some motorcycle twist on the bad-boy image. Today however, it’s all about the motorcycle itself being the center of a group activity, with 20-30 year-old somethings having a carefree time with not a car or traffic sign in sight.

Some motorcycle manufacturers have ridden into the motorcycle market trying to take the genre of ‘scrambler’ for their very own (cough)Ducati!(cough) and honestly have done a great job doing so. But wait one moment, the latest commercial and of course newest model shows Triumph may have something to say about that.

Historically, Triumph were one of the main brands of choice for riders who pioneered the idea of scramblers in the 1960’s with iconic actor Steve McQueen being among the most famous. Make sure to read our take on this new offering from Triumph and enjoy the video below showing everyone have much more fun than they ever should on a motorcycle.

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