Thursday, 05 January 2017 00:00

Is the Perfect Riding Buddy a Smartphone?

Regardless of how traditional a biker may be, it’s a given that smartphones are an important part of any ride. This leaves the question of which phone to pack for the next road trip?

Earlier this week Clutch and Chrome asked what would be next for motorcycle navigation applications and our question was answered with a new release called scenic which of course, claims to be the best.

With the smartphone an integral part of any motorcycle trip, riders are always looking for the perfect way to safely take them on the latest road trip.

The biker advice of taking an accredited motorcycle safety course is now as close as a smartphone. Sort of.

The Saturday morning cartoon version of motorcycles, and in a strange way bikers themselves, has made its way to the smartphone.

DEC 18, 2015 - Mobile game developers 9th Impact have created the official Biker Mice from Mars game on iPhone, iPad and Android.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016 19:00

BMW Motorrad announces Smartphone Cradle

OCT 30, 2015 - BMW Motorrad knows the smartphone has easily become the one riding item bikers never forget when heading out for the open road.

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