Motorcycle enthusiasts across North America look to the summer months to blow the mental cobwebs from the mind and dust off their favorite two-wheeled ride.

JAN 05, 2015 - With announcements of bigger television screens and new computer gadgets dominating the news out of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, one might miss the latest breakthroughs in motorcycle-related technology.

DEC 08, 2015 - It’s an unfortunate fact of riding that regardless of a biker’s experience and abilities, motorcycle enthusiasts are largely defenseless against bad drivers. Whether they’re careless, aggressive or even under the influence of alcohol, in some ways drivers can be considered an unmanageable threat to riders.

NOV 24, 2015 - Recalls are an infrequent affair in the motorcycle world. Those issued by the manufacturer are even fewer, so it was a surprise to see a press release issuing such a notification from BMW Motorrad.

OCT 19, 2015 - Clutch and Chrome would like to give fair warning on this motorcycle video pick. The helmet-cam video of a ride through the Texas countryside will leave riders with an uncomfortable blend of disgust and anger with a topping of a horrible, sick feeling.

OCT 06, 2015 - A news item that may go unfairly unreported today should be among the top two-wheeled headlines for riders across all motorcycle types and interests. An agreement between some of the largest motorcycle manufacturers will essentially affect any rider buying a new motorcycle or safety accessory in the near future that uses any type of electronics.

JUL 08, 2015 - Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati is riding down a new road of two-wheeled safety and cutting edge technology.

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