EagleRider's Coast To Coast Tour - For Bucket Lists And Vacations

For riders who love the open road but don’t have the time or patience to plan a multi-day motorcycle trip there are companies such as EagleRider that will do just that.

Largely known for their motorcycle rentals, EagleRider has continued to grow its itineraries of pre-planned motorcycle trips around the United States. While many of these can be taken fairly frequently, some can’t such as a coast to coast trip, which is only available twice a year.

This United States Coast to Coast Road Trip has recently been unveiled and offers EagleRider's 24/7 On-Road Support and Luggage Transport, a pre-planned selection of Motorcycle Friendly hotels and classic American motels at what the company is calling ‘ an incredible price that a rider simply couldn't get on his own’.

The first opportunity to enjoy the United States Coast to Coast Road Trip is September 27th, 2016. Starting in Los Angeles, the 17 day motorcycle road trip will take riders through California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana and Florida.

Palm Springs, Roswell, Big Bend, New Orleans, Panama City Beach and Daytona Beach are some of the places the tour will stop at.

The United States Coast to Coast Road Trip starts at $1,899 per person and includes the following

  • Motorcycle Friendly Hotels and Classic American Motels
  • Support Vehicle for Luggage with Spare Motorcycles and Supplies
  • Pre-Planned Suggested Daily Routes and Attractions – Either a Hard Copy or Download to Your Mobile Phone (no Wi-Fi needed)
  • Custom Coast 2 Cost Badge of Honor Patch

For those lone wolf-types out there, the tour allows bikers to ride on their own or with the group, meeting up later with the other participants.

"Maybe you want to make 2016 truly a year you'll never forget. Maybe you really do want to be able to say that you rode a motorcycle from one end of the country to the other. Or maybe you just want to do something spectacular and have a blast.” EagleRider's VP of Travel and Tours Shawn Fechter says, “Whatever you're after, the Coast 2 Coast Road Trip with EagleRider will quench your thirst and initiate you into an elite group of daredevils, adventurers, and pioneers. And once you're in, you're in for life."

Part of the United States Coast to Coast Road Trip takes riders on the famed Route 66

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