Ducati - Extended Hours for Extended Fun!

Motorcycle enthusiasts who are anywhere near the Italian hills of Bologna this summer will find it even easier to swing by Ducati’s new and improved museum.

Starting from May, the new Ducati Museum extends opening hours to Sundays, from 9am to 6pm as on other days. For the entire summer, the new Ducati Museum will welcome numerous tourists from all over the world throughout the weekend while Wednesday will continue to be the weekly closing day.

Inaugurated last September with a new graphic and narrative layout, the new Ducati Museum is full of new features including the space given to road bikes that have made the history of Ducati great. Clutch and Chrome took readers on a room by room tour of the museum soon after it reopened last year.

In the new Ducati Museum every motorcycle on display is treated as a work of art, which is underlined by the dedicated artistic installations. The new Ducati Museum, which is located at the Ducati Headquarter in Borgo Panigale just outside Bologna, provides a narrative developed through three channels: the history of the Ducati production motorcycles and the socio-cultural context from which they derive; the history of racing seen through most representative racing bikes and winning trophies on display; Ducati Moments linked to events, people and technological innovations that have contributed to the history of Ducati; and Ducati Heroes – the riders who have competed for Ducati.

According to TripAdvisor the Ducati Museum is the second most visited museum in Bologna with an average of more than 40,000 visitors each year, and it has won the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for the fourth year.

Since its inauguration last September up to April this year, the new Ducati Museum has registered almost 25,000 visitors. Of these, more than 13,000 were students. The majority of visitors come from Europe but there is a good number also from the USA (2.7%) and Oceania (1.7%).

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