Need Help With the Next Road Trip? Here You Go!

With the winter becoming just a memory, motorcycle enthusiasts are probably turning their thoughts to possible road trips. Whether tired of motorcycle rallies or looking for guidance, this is a great place to start.

Aside from reading the numerous articles already posted on Clutch and Chrome which cover planning as well as taking that road trip of a lifetime, or at least for this year, we also have a podcast which is sure to help.

Taking that helping hand one step further the expert on our podcast, EagleRider, have added three new options on what they call an ‘Experience Portal’. Covering the legendary American Coast to Coast Road Trip adventure, the American Northwest and Rockies and the American Southeast, ‘Experience Portals’ are a tool designed to give prospective travelers a closer look at the company’s tours, allowing them to make the best decision for their next dream adventure.

‘The Coast to Coast Road Trip Portal gives information on one of the most daring adventures available in the United States today,’ explains EagleRider. ‘A journey stretching from Los Angeles, California to Orlando, Florida on the back of a motorcycle from our fleet of more than 4,000 bikes.’

In the Northwest and Rockies Experience Portal, travelers will find information on the endless miles of hidden switchback roads to be found in places like Utah, Colorado, Washington, and even the Canadian Rockies.

‘Be prepared to pass through stunning mountain passes and abundant wildlife as you travel through these breathtaking roads,’ EagleRider promises. The Southeast Tours Portal spotlights the lush and tranquil scenery, quiet country roads, charming people and spectacular food and drinks characteristic of the American South.

With the latest additions, EagleRider has experience portals for six of America's most popular motorcycle routes.

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