Schuberth‘s R2 - Classic Looks, Built-In Bluetooth

The latest helmet from Schuberth reflects the current motorcycle trend of looking to classic designs but enjoying all the latest modern technology.

The German helmet manufacturer is riding along with the ‘back to universals’ trend of riders leaning towards naked bikes, roadsters and sport tourers, all of which are purist as well as versatile, affordable and contemporary. This is seen in Schuberth‘s R2, a classic full-face helmet which features a modern design with unbeatable characteristics.

‘A helmet that is stylish in appearance, complements any bike and any riding style and is so light and comfortable that you hardly notice you are wearing it while out and about on your bike’ notes Schuberth.

The Enforcer R2 - Source Schuberth

Aside from the very latest in motorcycle safety, this latest helmet from Schuberth features the very modern feature of Bluetooth. The R2 is enabled for Bluetooth communication and radio reception as standard. It comes with an integrated aerial, two speakers, a microphone and slots to take the new optional communication system SC1 that was developed in collaboration with SENA – literally “plug and play”.

According to Schuberth, not only did Kiska pay extra attention to the look and decorative styles of the R2, but the Schuberth Air and Acoustics Lab did as well to offer perfect aerodynamics for riders of naked bike, who are more likely to be buffeted by the wind.

The R2 - Source Schuberth

Another important feature, particularly for sports riders, is the R2’s standard large anti-fog screen as well as a wider field of view.

Despite its low weight and compact shape, the perfect aerodynamics R2 offers maximum impact absorption. In the case of an accident, the double-D fastener and the cheek pads that can be removed from the outside in the event of an emergency round the safety equipment off.

The R2 will be available from spring 2017 in sizes XS (53) to XXL (63), in the classic solid colors of black, white and anthracite priced at 419.00 euros. Riders interested in the styles of Nemesis, Enforcer and Renegade should expect to pay 499 euros.

The Nemesis R2 - Source Schuberth

The Renegade R2 - Source Schuberth

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