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Motorcycle Technology Takes A Leap With Shipment of Skully Helmets

The first shipment of a revolutionary helmet from Skully continues the ongoing trend of advancing technology not only making its way onto motorcycles but in the apparel and accessories riders wear.

Called AR-1, from the term augmented reality, Skully’s product is being called the world's most intelligent motorcycle helmet. Just as well with the first pre-order shipment smartly going out in April with fulfillment expected to be completed by the end of summer 2016.

The SKULLY AR- 1 is the first helmet to feature a built-in 180° Blindspot Camera and Heads-Up Display for unparalleled situational awareness and safety.

‘Possibly the biggest game changer of them all, the AR-1’s rearview camera is the ultimate safety enhancement,’ writes Skully on its blog, ‘The AR-1’s camera is 180°, removing blind spots for near 360° awareness’.

Considering side mirrors on motorcycles as ‘notorious for their inadequacy’ Skully feels many riders forgo using them altogether, instead looking over their shoulders which in turn takes focus away from the road.

‘With the rearview camera, you have full situational awareness with a quick saccade of the eye, making blind spots a thing of the past,’ the corporate blog states.

The helmet promises to sync to a phone via Bluetooth enabling hands-free calling, GPS navigation, and music streaming, all while riders keep their eyes on the road.

Riders interested in the benefits of the AR-1 may want to consider becoming an early adopter.

Skully plans to launch a slew of Summer special promotions including a VIP SKULLY Nation Program that gives all early SKULLY adopters special access and discounts to products and events. Another promotion is a limited-time-offer group purchase discount.

In addition, a free shipping program will be available for limited time offers and with this, to maximize all-over efficiency, SKULLY will be providing a customer portal to track orders from the production queue all the way up to delivery and when the AR-1 arrives at the rider’s front door.

It appears Skully is already enjoying the support and enthusiasm from the riding community.

"Their support and loyalty has helped us overcome the many challenges in delivering such an innovative product to market,” Carlos Rodriguez, who heads Product and Marketing strategy for SKULLY, commented, “It is remarkable to see the positive reactions that customers are sharing of their first experiences with the AR-1 across social media.”

Currently, the AR-1 has a MSRP of $1499.00 and is available in either matte black or gloss white.

“Collectively we are changing the future of motorcycling," Rodriguez notes.

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