Lightning Motorcycles Reveal Their Latest - Carbon Swingarm

In a quick look at the current state of the electric motorcycle world last Thursday saw the promise of Lightning Motorcycles revealing its latest technology innovations at the renowned Quail Motorsport Gathering in Carmel.

Monday is here and so is more news about that latest technology innovation.

Keeping an eye to adding performance to its model LS-218, Lightning has followed the motorcycle industry trend of bringing technology and features found on the professional race track to everyday riders. In fact, Lightning notes this latest feature is ‘technology rarely found outside of a GP paddock’.

They are adding an option of carbon swingarms to the LS-218 upgrade options. Weight has always been an issue for motorcycle designers and engineers. It affects handling and the riders ability to manage the motorcycle from the moment they sit in the saddle. With electric motorcycles trying to push range limitations further, weight becomes even more crucial.

Parts manufactured from carbon help with this issue and is a popular answer for performance motorcycles.

Source Lightning Motorcycles

"Our mission is to make leading edge technology accessible to our customers", said Richard Hatfield, CEO of Lightning Motorcycles. “We believe that carbon components are an excellent method to reduce weight while improving the strength. The Lightning team is very excited to introduce our OEM Carbon Swingarms to our customers."

The Lightning team points to this latest innovation as an effort to continue and push the technology envelope to increase performance.

As far as their experience at the Quail Motorsport Gathering.

"The Quail event is incredible. Gordon McCall's Quail Gathering provides Lightning an unparalleled opportunity to meet with the most knowledgeable and passionate motorcycle enthusiasts in the world. This is the best places to introduce new technology and get customer's feedback," Hatfield said.

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