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Kawasaki's Z-650 Arrow Exhaust Systems for Track Days

Fans of naked motorcycles who thought their time in the spotlight had come and gone only need look to the latest accessories to know it’s still a popular style.

Known previously as a standard motorcycle, the description of naked is naturally sexier. General-purpose street motorcycles are not only defined by being stripped down, but their upright riding position, which lives partway between the reclining rider posture of the cruisers and the forward leaning sport bikes.

Several motorcycle manufacturers are look to naked bikes in the same manner as scramblers, a low cost but fun bike to own. Case in point is Kawasaski’s 2017 Z650. This nifty bike enjoys a new range of exhaust options from Speedmob, all of which focus on riders taking their Z650 out to the track.

The center of this design is the all-new Stainless Steel Racing Collector designed to work in conjunction with five different Arrow Silencer designs. Within these designs there are also material design options on these silencers: Aluminum, Aluminum Dark, Aluminum White, Stainless Steel, Dark Stainless, Carbon Fiber and Titanium with optional Steel or Carbon Fiber end caps.

These combinations were developed in Arrows world–class R&D center to maximize the Z650’s torque curve and maximum horsepower, creating an amazing linear power curve for these bikes.

Making the idea of tweaking a Z650 even more attractive is the cost. According to SpeedMob, recent dramatic price reductions on all Arrow Exhausts have made these systems are more affordable than they have ever been in the US Market.

Riders who own the Z650’s bigger brother need not feel left out. SpeedMob have said Z900 exhausts coming very soon.

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