Mustang Seats Shows Love For Harley's Trike

The growing number of bikers moving from two-wheels to three are getting some love from Mustang seats. At least those who are cruising on Harley’s Freewheeler.

Lost in the motorcycle headlines of scramblers, café racers, baggers and all the other retro designs is the remarkable number of bikers looking to three-wheeled rides. While the reasons for such a switch vary, Harley-Davidson answers them all with its Freewheeler, or simply put, a factory built trike.

Regardless whether a ride has two wheels or three, bikers have the same urge to ‘make it their own’. The latest saddle form Mustang Seats offers a slightly wider seating area, the opportunity to sit back further. The 19″ wide driver seat on the Super Touring promises maximum seating radius as well as sitting the rider about 2″ further back compared to Mustang’s Standard Touring seat for the Freewheeler.  The passenger will enjoy a slightly bucketed and very ample 14″ wide seating area.

These Super Touring seats complete Mustang’s range of options for the Freewheeler, which include a Standard Touring seat plus a Forward Touring design which moves the driver 2″ forward for easier steering control.  All three options feature detailed, automotive-inspired stitching, a front bucket drain hole and a built-in driver backrest receiver.  Add an optional, fully adjustable driver backrest to any style for all day back support.

As with all Mustang seats, the marine-grade fiberglass baseplate, proprietary comfort foam and individually sewn covers are proudly handcrafted and assembled in their historic New England facility.

Needed Parts Numbers

Super Touring one-piece seat with driver backrest receiver for Freewheeler® 2015-17:  #79598;  MSRP $589

Super Touring Driver Backrest for Freewheeler® 2015-17:  #79649; MSRP $219

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