The basics of any motorcycle enthusiasts wardrobe is a great riding jacket. Harley-Davidson’s latest offering is a 3-in-1 Women’s leather Jacket.

At the time of this pick, our motorcycle world is on the verge of celebrating another International Female Ride Day, so we honor it with an amazing look at an incredible female rider.

Much has been written about the growing number of women ‘riding their own’ but if proof were needed, a look to the worldwide roads and highways on Saturday May 7th should say it all.

The sheer logistics behind organizing a cross country group ride is seen in the latest efforts of Sena Technologies, Inc helping the upcoming Sisters’ Centennial Motorcycle Ride.

A notable motorcycle event will be celebrated over the summer as more than 100 women riders commemorate a historic two-wheeled journey across the United States.

Women will roar louder than their custom pipes as they come together for a worldwide event the first week of May 2016.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016 00:00

Harley's Women's Hoodie Adds Sparkle

It’s a given women riders bring a certain sparkle to the riding world and that’s being helped with the latest hoodie from Harley-Davidson.

For this video feature on Clutch and Chrome, we're moving away screaming motorcycles and breathtaking two-wheeled editing.

Women who ride motorcycles are better than those who don’t. This isn’t a biker attitude or slight to non-riding females, but the findings of a study we recently came across at the Clutch and Chrome offices.

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