Just how much does it cost to attend the famous Sturgis motorcycle rally? A new contest manages to put a price tag on this particular set of motorcycle memories.

Combining the excitement of track day and the draw of winning, a new contest tempts bikers with three opportunities at riding away with an unforgettable motorcycle experience.

Back and better than last year, Ducati is riding out their Custom Rumble contest, inviting Scrambler fans to show their creativity and bike-building skills.

The question of which biker was in most need in a makeover has been answered, at least as far as a contest held by Garage-Girls and GEICO is concerned.

The Motorcycle Industry Council's Rider Safety Committee have created a contest with a purpose, offering free biker gear to promote May's Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

The next time a non-riding friend asks how passionate bikers can be about their motorcycle and saddle time, regale them with the following tale. Similarly, before any biker tries to say their motorcycle is better than another brand, they should take into account the true story below.

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