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Thanks for this article Rich.

E15 labeling is confusing at best and if a rider is looking for a lower price or a higher octane rating, it is easy to see how inadvertent misfueling (i.e. an entire tankful of E15) is possible. Even if just .25 percent of those 22 million machines were misfueled, that's a serous problem for tens of thousands of owners.

The American Motorcyclist Association also is concerned that forcing higher-ethanol fuel blends into the marketplace will cause E10 -- which most modern motorcycles can use -- to become less available, and that gasoline with no ethanol may become virtually unavailable. The amount of E0 -- which owners of older and vintage bikes rely on -- will go from 9.2 billion gallons to just 130 million in 2016 per the latest EPA rule.

To be clear, the AMA does not oppose ethanol in fuel, we simply oppose the push to force more E15 into the marketplace because it is unsafe for motorcycles and ATVs and virtually nothing is being done to address inadvertent misfueling.

Pete terHorst
AMA spokesperson