Norman Reedus In Alabama For An All American Ride

Whether purposeful publicity or just cursed for being a popular face, Norman Reedus and his motorcycle adventures are being told long before his mini-series airs its first episode on AMC.

Pictures on Twitter and confirmed sightings are so frequent in fact, it seems Clutch and Chrome is reporting every week on the popular actor, famous for his role in AMC’ The Walking Dead'. Understand, you’ll get no complaints from us as it’s really considered a perk of the job to report on our favorite zombie killer and apparently, the current, coolest biker, Mr. Norman Reedus.

And of course, the diligence of @ennoia3, or ‘a norman stalker’ on twitter does an excellent job of keeping us all informed. The latest motorcycle moment for Reedus and his quest to take viewers and fans on weekly rides came on twitter during an apparent break in riding an American made Motus.

Forget 'Where's Waldo', 'Where's Norman?' In Alabama riding an American V4 Motus!

An American motorcycle manufacturer, they build what’s called ‘American V4 sport-touring motorcycles’ which come in two flavors, the MST and MST. Motus showed what they had in mind with their first prototype which was seen publicly Daytona Bike Week in March, 2011.

Motus is located in Birmingham Alabama, so it’s fair to guess Reedus was riding the motorcycle seen in the tweeted photograph shown above in that part of the world. ‘Ride with Norman Reedus’ bills the weekly adventures as the famous actor bringing along a famous rider or biker-buddy. At a guess, the person taking a picture in a motorcycle helmet could be that guest.

Regardless, the t-shirt Reedus wore with 'Get the Led out' encouraged the hashtag of #gettheledoutmotoreedus, so get ready twitter.

With all the ‘leaks’ and various press releases, we know much of what should be expected during the short mini-series.

We know Peter Fonda, an actor who has created so much of the more famous legends around the motorcycle culture will take Reedus to his favorite spots on a ride down to the Florida Keys.

Another guest appearance will come from actor Paul Ruebens who’s been seen in Reno 911!, 30 Rock, Dirt, Pushing Daisies, The Blacklist and Gotham but is probably best known for the CBS Saturday-morning children's program Pee-wee's Playhouse. This particular episode will feature Texas and at one point, the Alamo.


In California at Zero Motorcycles!

Pictures tweeted by Zero Motorcycles last week had Reedus visiting the electric bike factory in Southern California. This could have something to do with the ‘Norman sighting’ in Los Angeles which involved singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey was spotted filming with Reedus at The Great Frog in West Hollywood in early February.

Finally, wrapping up what we know a promotional video shows Reedus riding through Death Valley in California with what appears a group of friends.

What is certain, the show will ride out on Sunday June 12th following a new episode of the highly anticipated drama ‘Preacher.’ The show, ‘Ride with Norman Reedus’ will air at  10:00 p.m. ET/PT and follow ‘The Walking Dead’ fan-favorite star and motorcycle enthusiast as he hits the open road to explore local biker culture and celebrate the best and brightest collectors, mechanics and craftsmen around the country.

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