Women Motorcycle Riders Ready For International Female Ride Day

Women will roar louder than their custom pipes as they come together for a worldwide event the first week of May 2016.

Passion and enthusiasm will fuel thousands of motorcycles piloted by women as they take to the world’s roads on Saturday, May 7, for the 10th edition of International Female Ride Day.

A regular event for the last ten years, International Female Ride Day (IFRD) is a global ride day occurring yearly on the first Saturday of May. Organizers don’t care where women ride or even what their motorcycle looks like. In fact, the event is about diversity with organizers noting it ‘highlights and profiles the many women who ride while shifting preconceived perceptions of motorsport for women’.

The world’s largest women’s motorcycle ride day and 10th edition will assemble motorcycling’s diverse women riders across all borders, ages, brands, experiences and styles.

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With a focus of igniting female rider camaraderie and building awareness for motorcycling the event hopes to inspire others to take up the sport. Serbia, Ireland, Canada and India are on the long list of countries the world over joining in unison of the event's theme to “Just Ride!” on May 7th.

Organizers feel it’s a journey that has helped the world of women riders. A decade ago women riders in countries such as Hungary, South Africa or Australia, were nameless. Not only has the event offered women riders around the world with an identity, it’s also helped bring them together, according to a recently released press release.

An example of the event’s impact was seen in 2008 when the first ever group of women riders ride through the streets of Tel Aviv.

The most obvious question for female riders at this point should be how to get involved?

The key ingredient is participation and to follow the mantra of the event on May 7th, which is to ‘Just Ride!’ More information about International Female Ride Day can be found on the event’s website or its Facebook page.

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