Motorcycle Dorks Star in Discovery's New Custom Bike Series

Motorcycles are returning to the small screen with the announcement from the Discovery Channel it has ordered a show featuring an unusual motorcycle club and custom bike builders.

The new series, ‘Sacred Steel’ will air as part of the network's iconic Motor Mondays line-up.

The series, produced by Half Yard Productions, will take viewers inside one of the most exclusive and unusual bike clubs in the world that produces one-of-a-kind pieces of art.

Jason Wilson opened shop with ‘Sacred Steel’ over a decade ago and never looked back, crafting custom fabricated high-end choppers and painstakingly restoring American classics. From humble beginnings, Jason and his motley crew of misfit friends honed their mechanical skills and founded Douche Larouche, now a full-fledged institution, complete with bylaws, regular meetings and in chapters across the country and around the globe.

Before readers leap to the assumptions and thoughts of motorcycle gangs and hardcore bikers, Discovery calls the new series the ultimate anti-bike gang, with the club featuring a group of self-proclaimed "motorcycle dorks" who jokingly call themselves the "12 percenters" as opposed to 1 percenters.

Club members range from noteworthy fabricators and childhood friends, to highly connected icons in the world of underground bikes. All their joking aside, the club is a tight-knit brotherhood with members having everybody's back and having the time of their lives.

What will the show follow? Each year, Jason and the team transform dozens of bikes into masterpieces. If the customer has the cash or the connections, there is no limit on what they can do. Through favors to other members, neighboring chapters, and friends of friends, Jason has grown an immense clientele alongside his wild crew. ‘Sacred Steel’ captures the build along with the adrenalin-fueled world of bikers.

Imagine every staged, drama-filled custom bike building show but with a colorful, quirky cast of characters.

Although we’re sure there is some level of staging.

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