New Ducati as Affordable as a Daily Cup of Coffee

A new financing program from Ducati teases a new Italian-made motorcycle for about the cost of a daily cup of good coffee.

Riders should note, the promise is based around a very good cup of coffee, exotic names and swizzle sticks usually being among the indicators.

For most riders, financing is usually a crucial step in buying any new motorcycle. To help with this Ducati announced the launch of its new flexible financing program, Ducati Premier Financing. It appears this isn't necessarily a loan to eventually own the motorcycle, but a lease.

‘The Program’s flexibility means that riders can enjoy affordable and far lower monthly payments compared to traditional financing, even with a low down-payment,’ writes Ducati. ‘There are no wear-and-tear or mileage restrictions, owners can opt for a shorter trading cycle if they want to trade in for the latest model, and they can add accessories as they choose; unlike a traditional lease.’

At the end of term owners can trade for the newest Ducati model, sell it privately, or pay it off. The result is a monthly rate that would be less than the cost of renting a comparable motorcycle for just a single day.

The financing is as in-house as a motorcycle manufacturer can get it with the program being offered through Ducati’s parent company, the Volkswagen Group. Usually, in-house financing is more interested in making money on the sale of the vehicle rather than through the loan itself, this road tends to be less expensive for the buyer.

Ducati Premier Financing applies to all 2017 Ducati models, including the recently released Multistrada 950, which can be had for $169/month and even the new Monster 1200 S, coming in at $199/month. Other highly anticipated releases to come, such as the Desert Sled, SuperSport, Café Racer and Monster 797 are also covered by the program.

If this all sounds like an affordable way to get into the saddle of a Ducati, riders will swoon at the numbers being estimated for financing the Italian manufacturers less expensive Scramblers. The Sixty2 has an estimated monthly payment of $89.00 and the Icon at $99.00 per month. New entrants to motorcycling will appreciate the Monster 821’s $139.00 per month pricing, but even hardcore enthusiasts can ride out for less than two cups of coffee a day, with the Monster 1200’s $176 per month price tag or Panigale 959’s $185 per month.

As the coffee comparison is used again, it’s fair to look at how Ducati came up with the numbers. In September 2015, U.S. News & World Reports found the average cost of a cappuccino in the U.S. was $3.51. This is where the definition of a ‘good’ cup of coffee comes in.

At a 30-day month at $99 a month, the daily cost of a Scrambler Icon is $3.30.  At $89 a month the daily cost for a 2017 Scrambler Sixty2 is $2.97, less than a single cup of regular coffee. Ducati’s analysis goes on to estimate that at $169 a month the new Multistrada 950 is $5.63 a day, less than two coffees of daily intake.

Numbers aside, the financing program continues Ducati’s efforts in its long-term approach to broaden the brand’s reach. This includes tackling the previous cost of ownership barrier by extending the service intervals and becoming an industry leader in low maintenance costs. These initiatives, the company notes, along with the best product offering and a strongest dealer network in Ducati’s history provide easier accessibility to the Ducati brand for all motorcyclists.

“This is just one more tool Ducati is using to position our motorcycles more accessible to a broader array of riders,” says Jason Chinnock, CEO of Ducati North America. “With an expanded lineup and our new financing flexibility, all sorts of riders – beginners and veterans alike – can now make Ducati ownership a reality, especially if they’re willing to cut back a bit on their caffeine intake!”

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