Energica Continues To Make Electric Motorcycle News

Energica, the Italian manufacturer of high-performing electric motorcycles, continues its journey into North American sales market and beyond.

Admittedly, readers probably didn’t hear the motorcycle manufacturer cruise through the latest milestones, they do build quiet, electric motorcycles after all.

The first milestone would be the US division of the company, Energica Motor Company Inc., finally getting the sales license for the State of California, the main market for electric vehicles. With this license Energica can record sales of its vehicles in California. As previously reported in the half year Financial Report dated June 30th, the US government procedures were slowing down the business operations.

The sales license means customers can buy an electric motorcycle, license plate and all at Energica's Redwood facility as well as enjoy support from Energica US operations. It also continues the company’s road trip of developing a dealer network, partnering with established US dealers and sellers starting with Los Angeles and San Diego areas.

The international news has Energica completing the needed procedures to open commercial agreements with Israel and legally sell its motorcycles in the country.

The breakthroughs in Israel are notable because not only is the country well-known as a pioneer in the battery industry and charging systems, but also for the presence of several high-tech companies.

Readers can learn more about Energica from Clutch and Chrome’s Another Motorcycle Podcast, found here.

Energica Eva Dark Blue - Electric Streetfighter

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