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Harley's CVO Pro Street Breakout - A Closer Look

When Harley-Davidson introduced the 2016 Pro Street Breakout, the latest addition to its Custom Vehicle Operations range, it was more than a new model but also a statement about the company’s future.

With many motorcycle manufacturers looking to smaller powerhouses and industry trends showing sales for bikes over 900cc more or less flat, adding a model to its pedigree line has Harley-Davidson going against the grain and instead choosing its own road.

Common motorcycle-sense stands behind Harley-Davidson with its more powerful motorcycles. While smaller motorcycles are needed to bring new riders into the two-wheeled past time and are certainly fun to ride for the most experienced bikers, eventually many will find themselves wanting a larger powerhouse.

Those looking for that monster motorcycle can find it with style in Harley-Davidson’s new 2016 CVO Pro Street Breakout.


The style of the 2016 CVO Pro Street Breakout - Source Harley-Davidson

With CVO in its title, this model lives in the world of factory-custom, built using premium components and exclusive paint treatments and surface finishes combined with numerous items from Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Accessories. The CVO program is often used to introduce new custom elements and techniques, and the dark styling direction of the CVO Pro Street Breakout provided the Harley-Davidson design team with an opportunity to utilize several new finish treatments.

For those looking for a theme in the Breakout, we have two words; Smoked Satin. This may not be found in the color swatches at the local paint store, but it was obviously a favorite at the CVO design center.

The 2016 CVO Pro Street Breakout motorcycle enjoys a darker look utilizing cutting-edge finishes and textures applied with an obsessive eye to design and detail. Steeped in drag-racing attitude, the CVO Pro Street combines high-intensity performance with a long, muscular look that’s pure American street machine.

“The Pro Street Breakout represents a new dimension of CVO motorcycles,” said Harley-Davidson Styling Director Brad Richards. “The Pro Street Breakout takes its cues from the streets and reflects our own changing tastes. It still delivers the depth of detail and value and the bragging rights the CVO customer expects, but gets there in a different way. Its colors may be subdued but also have incredible depth. We’re developing alternate finishes to bright chrome – brushed and anodized surfaces and tinted clear-coat, for example. The Breakout really lent itself to this new styling direction.”

One new finish being introduced on the CVO Pro Street Breakout model is called Smoked Satin Chrome.

“We worked intensely with our plating suppliers to develop the hue and depth of Smoked Satin Chrome, and we are the first to use it in the motorcycle industry,” said Harley-Davidson Senior Stylist Dais Nagao. “It’s a finish that looks really contemporary and exclusive but also kind of sinister. We’ve carefully placed Smoked Satin Chrome next to a black surface so it creates a layered effect. For example, the top rocker cover is gloss black, and the lower cover is Smoked Satin Chrome. It’s on the exhaust header shields next to the black engine and black mufflers. We used Smoked Satin Chrome on the oil lines and fittings to add an unexpected detail.”

Restyled derby and timing covers have a new, mechanical look. Sheet metal is finished in solid Starfire Black or two-tone White Gold Pearl/Starfire Black, each with a single hand-applied graphic stripe flowing along the tank and rear fender to reinforce the performance theme of the CVO Pro Street Breakout.

Clearly Harley-Davidson are focusing on the rider who not only is willing to pay a little extra for a unique-looking motorcycle but those who are ready for some power.


2016 CVO Pro Street Breakout - Source Harley-Davidson

That performance is delivered by the Screamin’ Eagle Twin Cam 110B, which is being called ‘the most-potent Harley-Davidson production air-cooled engine’. This is the other path Harley-Davidson is taking, continuing with air-cooled engines while other manufacturers move to liquid-cooled. Understanding Harley are faced with a dedicated base of riders who consider tradition as required accessory on their motorcycles, making the engineering choice of liquid-cooled would be a tough change for the iconic motorcycle manufacturer.

Cooling aside, it’s the biggest power plant Harley offers and for this model they gave it a CVO model exclusive with new smoked satin chrome finishes. This deep, sinister hue is a first in the motorcycling industry.

Maximum performance is extracted from the engine with black blunt-cut mufflers, an open-element Screamin’ Eagle Heavy Breather Elite intake and a high performance Assist & Slip clutch with hydraulic actuation. To help the rider take full advantage of the Screamin’ Eagle power, the CVO Pro Street Breakout is equipped with new 43mm inverted forks gripped in a robust three-bolt triple-clamp, plus the added stopping power of dual front disc brakes with floating rotors, a Reduced Reach front brake lever, and standard Anti-Lock Braking System. The stiff front end and 19-inch front wheel enhance agility, while a massive 240mm-wide rear tire effectively transfers power to pavement.

Harley-Davidson points to the drag-racer influence found on the Pro Street Breakout, from the flat 1.25-inch drag-style handlebar to the wind-cheating speed screen and the color-matched chin spoiler. The deep bucket seat and bolstered pillion combine to hold the rider in place when the clutch is dumped and its Screamin’ Eagle horsepower launches the CVO Pro Street Breakout off the line.

Other styling features include a trimmed front fender, blacked-out Airflow Collection accessories on hand and foot controls, black Profile custom mirrors, and a low-profile console with Smoked Satin braided vent lines. Electronic cruise control and the H-D Smart Security System featuring a new hands-free integrated security and locking fob are also standard equipment on the CVO Pro Street Breakout.

The forward controls, new race-inspired seat and handlebar create a riding position perfect for prowling. The drag bar on the CVO Pro Street Breakout also enjoys the new smoked satin finish to add an extra level of custom style. The seat height of 26 inches not only adds to the look of this racing-inspired motorcycle, but allows a range of riders to firmly have their feet on the ground when they’re at a stop.


2016 CVO Pro Street Breakout - Source Harley-Davidson

While the styling looks back to an era of racing this is a modern motorcycle. There’s no throttle cable cluttering up the lines on the handlebar of the CVO Pro Street Breakout. It offers a clean look and quick response of electronic throttle control. Coming with standard cruise control, the Breakout allows riders to settle in when they’ve found an empty stretch of highway. To help with that moment, a wind-cheating speed screen and color-matched chin spoiler are also included. Finally, a high-performance assist and slip hydraulic clutch has an easy pull, and it gives a smooth delivery of power when that open road is found.

A MSRP of $25,699 may seem like a large number, however considering the models CVO pedigree it’s actually an incredible price. Add the unique styling features, incredible power and limited run, the 2016 CVO Pro Street Breakout could be considered an obvious choice for riders who prefer this style of motorcycle. Even looking beyond the Harley-Davidson line-up, the quality and performance promised by the Custom Vehicle Operations at the Breakout's price puts the motorcycle at the head of this particular pack.

The 2016 CVO Pro Street Breakout will definitely turn heads at any bike-night, but the real question would be, why is anyone going slow enough on this Harley-Davidson for anyone to notice?

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