Riding Recklessly May Hike Your Motorcycle Insurance

Getting a ticket while riding a motorcycle can cost more than time and inconvenience with the smallest infraction adding serious dollars to a rider’s insurance bill.

Just how much a ticket will cost a biker in increased insurance premiums was reviewed in a recently released report. The report also includes tips on how to save money when dealing with a moving violation.

For the third year in a row, insuranceQuotes commissioned a Quadrant Information Services study that found auto insurance rates can climb by as much as 94 percent on average after a single moving violation.

The new data shows that while serious violations, such as driving under the influence and reckless driving understandably cause car insurance rates to spike, minor violations hurt consumers’ finances as well.

The report found riders who receive a minor speeding violation, such as 1-15 mph over the legal limit can pay an average of 21% more for car insurance. Other fairly minor violations that also carry high financial penalties include following too closely which usually brings a 19% increase in rates and failure to signal could incur a similar bump in cost.

Not surprisingly, the most expensive violations are DUIs which can see rates jump 94% and reckless driving can bring an 85% increase.

Experts point out, certain moving violations result in bigger premium increases than others, simply because insurance companies have very specific data that show certain types of moving violations are more indicative of future risk. If a biker exhibits one bad riding behavior, odds are they may have more.

Making any possible insurance rate increases worse is not knowing how much extra that ticket will cost as this can vary from state to state. These notable disparities are based on the way each state regulates auto insurance companies and the factors they can use to increase premiums, according to Dan Weedin, a Seattle-based insurance and risk management consultant.

"It's all up to how individual state insurance commissioners allow each company to assess rates," Weedin says in the report.

An example of the extreme differences would be Hawaii, which has a shockingly high 290.68% rate increase for reckless driving, where in Louisiana, a rider’s reckless driving could lead to a 29.28% increase. The below chart details the top ten states with the highest rate increases for moving violations, with the results for all 50 states featured in the full report.

As mentioned, the report also includes tips from insuranceQuotes analysts on how to save money when dealing with a moving violation, such as seeking forgiveness from auto insurers for a first time minor infraction, making a deal at traffic court, and even shopping around for a new car insurance policy to find a cheaper alternative.

“Even though rates typically go up for several years after you receive a moving violation, there are ways drivers can save money. Taking a defensive driving course to remove points from your record is a smart strategy,” says Laura Adams, senior analyst at insuranceQuotes.

As a compliment to the study, insuranceQuotes hosts a Traffic Tickets and Car Insurance Calculator, which shows how 17 different violations affect rates across the country on their website.

“Many of these courses are offered online and can be completed in just a few hours,” Adams says. “You can also enroll in a pay-as-you-drive insurance program, which gives discounts when you demonstrate safe driving behavior.”

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