Five Reasons To Rent a Motorcycle

A new study indicates renting a motorcycle will become more common over the next few years. There are a lot of upsides to the practice, here are five highlighted by Clutch and Chrome.

There are two times a rider will rent a motorcycle, locally where they live or in the heart of a motorcycle vacation somewhere in the world. While a two-wheeled destination vacation revs an imagination, renting locally can add excitement to any ride and makes our top five reasons bikers should consider renting a motorcycle.

1. Expanding your riding universe

As with renting a car, bikers can slide into a set of wheels different to what they enjoy at home, picking something they’ve wondered or even daydreamed about.

Riding on well-known, local roads can become exciting again by changing up motorcycles. Donning our sensible hat, this is the perfect scenario to rent something new as the roads are known, leaving few surprises and allows bikers to focus on managing different controls and handling.

Different engines and motorcycle solutions can change how a bike rides, leading to an amazing sensation. The added bonus is seeing the faces of riding buddies when rolling in on a new set of wheels, even if they’re only yours for the day.

Renting a motorcycle for those local roads could be considered a two-wheeled ‘staycation’. Riders who want to live life on vacation can take advantage of memberships which offer discounted and even free motorcycle rentals.

2. Seeing everything

The idea of motorcycle rentals allows riders to take two wheeled vacations anywhere in the world without the worries of taking valuable time getting there and back, or costly shipping. However, the motorcycle rental company can be a trove of local knowledge and experience which could bring so much more to any road trip.

Understanding motorcycle vacations take months and even years to plan and save up for, getting the most out of them makes sense. Motorcycle rental companies such as EagleRider offer services as basic as programming must-see stops into a GPS unit to planning the road trip and booking hotels. Not only does the company know what there is to see and motorcycle-friendly places to stop, renters enjoy negotiated discounts and prices.

It’s a given rental companies employ bikers, so a when the renter asks important questions about operating the motorcycle and how it handles, the answers and tips take away any opportunities for surprises along the way.

3. Adding to the vacation sensation

If a biker is heading to an exotic road trip, whether within their own country or abroad, why wouldn’t they make the experience completely different and ride something other than what they have at home.

Riders who have a lighter bike in the garage and go full-blown touring, or those who have only ridden one brand can venture onto another well-known motorcycle name. It could be considered a week-long test ride!

Obviously consideration should be given to who’s riding on the motorcycle and how much luggage should be taken. Depending on which country is visited or the group ride purchased, the type of motorcycle available could be limited regardless, so it could be considered a case of turning lemons into lemonade!

4. Life on the road, but with luxury

Bikers opting for organized vacations or packages offered by motorcycle rental companies can enjoy a carefree riding experience but still have an overloaded suitcase filled with the latest motorcycle styles.

Support vehicles which follow the group are not only filled with parts and pieces for any mechanical mishaps, but it carries luggage as well allowing bikers to tap into their ‘Easy Rider’ spirit with nothing but the wind, road and motorcycle around them.

This level of organized ride also takes away counting miles, looking for gas stations or possible stops to capture that perfect picture. The company guides not only know the route but hotel and restaurant owners along the way to guarantee the best stops and service.

5. Staying out of trouble

The final reason for renting a motorcycle may not have the flair or excitement of the other four already mentioned, but it could be ranked among the most important.

Whether riding in another state or through a different country, laws and even the roads can be unfamiliar to what a rider is used to at home. Getting briefed on what to expect and look for while laying down vacation miles can keep a motorcycle vacation on the right, safe road without costly legal detours or tickets.

As with advice and tips on handling the rented motorcycle, a rental company could be considered a group of the newest and best-informed biker buddies ready to have their brains picked and local knowledge tested.

Bikers who are heading to foreign lands for their next two-wheeled adventure are more than likely renting a motorcycle. But the idea is becoming more common for riders planning on visiting major rallies or simply wanting to squeeze in some motorcycle miles on a trip not about riding.

For so many occasions, renting a motorcycle makes too much sense not to consider it.

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