The thought of riding a motorcycle across some exotic foreign land has crossed every bikers mind.

The latest motorcycle video from Ducati highlights its latest two-wheeled adventure, the new Multistrada 1200 Enduro.

Harley-Davidson has released the video of the memorable ride around Daytona International Speedway taken by First Responders and Military Personnel.

Ducati have used a sixty second video to highlight the new performance exhaust on the Panigale.

Proving its new motorcycle is more than a sexy ride, Victory uses its new Octane to break a two-wheeled world record and this is how it was done.

Polaris Slingshot and Mad Media have unveiled the highly anticipated performance driving video, SlingshotX.

Motorcycles have long been a worldwide passion. While the United States may have taken the lead in what the two-wheeled lifestyle ‘looks’ like in popular culture over the last century, motorcycles are found in every corner of the globe.

Many of the choices in Clutch and Chrome’s video picks have rocking music, quick cuts in action and of course, eye-catching motorcycles.

It’s every biker’s nightmare, something happening to their favorite ride and being helpless to stop it.

Indian Motorcycles quite rightly enjoys shining light, and reminding the riding world in the process, of its rich motorcycle history.

The humble motorcycle rode many miles on different roads over 2015. One of the more notable trends would be manufacturers following the route of making their motorcycle as much about a lifestyle as they are the ride.

On Ducati’s continuing ride to sell the lifestyle of its ever-popular Scrambler, another busy video featuring a group of bikers making their way around Brazil was released on Monday October 19th.

Many riders refer to their motorcycle passion as two-wheeled therapy, something to help cruise away everyday stresses and problems.

It feels like Clutch and Chrome is writing about Ducati’s new XDiavel quite a bit lately. Understand, we don’t write this as a complaint of any sorts, more and indication of how lucky we are to do what we do.

The latest opportunity to write about the Italian motorcycle manufacturer’s ride into the cruiser world came when the very first XDiavel rode off the production line.

Widely speculated in motorcycle press for months and formally introduced at the EICMA 2015 in November, the XDiavel grabbed two-wheeled headlines as well as roaring away as winner of the ‘Most beautiful bike of the show’.

With nothing being accidental, the X in its name refers to the union of two different worlds, the cruiser world which is characterized by low speeds, highly relaxing rides and long journeys mixed together with the world of Ducati with its Italian style, technical refinement and the highest levels of performance.

What else is there to do when promoting such a revolutionary motorcycle than to produce a very cool motorcycle video?

The XDiavel enjoys its own little corner of the web and it’s easy to see what image Ducati wants to paint for this cruiser. Indeed, the immediate phrase visitors are greeted with is 'The gentleman, The bastard', which we're assuming indicates its mixed background.

The XDiavel and XDiavel S versions of the new Ducati cruiser will be available at Ducati Dealership starting from February 2016.

Any motorcycle commercial that comes with a manifesto has obviously enjoyed some serious creative juices.

We will be the first to admit, this video has been in the queue to post up on Clutch and Chrome’s recommended videos for some time for a bunch of reasons.

Hearing the passion and enthusiasm when a rider slides into a new bike is something special.

To many riders, shipping their favorite motorcycle off to a distant land and touring the country from the comfort of a familiar saddle is a recurring fantasy.

When is a commercial really not a commercial? There is product placement of course, but there are also ‘spec’ commercials. These are made either an example or even encouragement to a company to engage an advertising company or creative team.

The video the Clutch and Chrome staff have selected for this pick isn’t necessarily about real motorcycles per say, but the manner in which a motorcycle is used is incredibly clever and more importantly, funny!

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