Valentino Rossi Meets Yamaha's Motobot

Cameras were present when MotoGP racing superstar Valentino Rossi met Yamaha’s Motobot, a self-riding robot and the interaction was simply amazing.

The video is starting to set the internet on fire, gaining 60,000 views by the afternoon of the day it was posted. Seeing Italian racing champion Valentino Rossi’s reaction as he watches the Motobot in action and speaks to its design team is classic.

Motobot is autonomous motorcycle-riding humanoid robot, designed and engineered with a focus on riding and operating a motorcycle from the same perspective as a human rider without any modifications being made to the motorcycle itself. It’s being developed under the theme of going ‘Beyond Human Capabilities’ where robots are designed for specific tasks and can exceed human capabilities in performing said tasks.

This is a sequel to the first video Yamaha Motor Co released at the Tokyo Motor Show in the autumn of 2015 that generated massive worldwide response. The first video, called ‘The Doctor’, challenged Motobot to competing against MotoGP star Valentino Rossi’s record racetrack lap times.

Calling the second video ‘Motobot Meets The Doctor,’ the two finally meet face to face for the first time.

Rossi’s reaction surely echoes what the general public, bikers or not, must think watching the Motobot in action. Not spoil the video, but the Italian racer literally signs off on the challenge.

Yamaha Motor is collaborating with SRI International, one of the world's leading R&D centers, to develop MOTOBOT, and will put the knowledge and underlying high-level fundamental technology gained from this challenge to use in product development and towards creating new value.

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