Latest Video From Yamaha Rides Closer to New Model

The video roadtrip to a new motorcycle model continues for Yamaha with another addition to series titled ‘Journey Further’.

Featuring bikers who lay down their miles in the saddle of a Yamaha, the video series is being used to preview an upcoming live internet unveil of an all-new motorcycle model. As the third installment in a four-part series, the video provides a welcome confirmation for a select group of Yamaha owners who received exclusive early access to the first two installments amidst speculation for a new model launch.

Featuring several long-time Yamaha motorcycle owners, the “Journey Further” video series highlights the exhilaration experienced by riders while touring on two wheels in “Part One", and further expands on the exceptional emotional and important functional aspects of touring in “Part Two".

The video introduced today, “Journey Further – Part Three,” moves beyond storied tributes and captures commentary related to the features most desired for touring motorcycle models.

“Everyone at Yamaha is very excited about what the future holds for all motorcycle riders who choose to experience the journey of a lifetime on two wheels, and we are looking forward to introducing a new model that embodies this spirit,” said Yamaha Motorcycle Product Line Manager, Derek Brooks. “We invite you to join us for the countdown to June 5th as we prepare to journey further.”

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