Yamaha Says the Ultimate Thrill Ride is Best Done Naked

It’s becoming apparent Yamaha wants to see you naked. Well, sitting on a naked sportbike at the very least as it rolls out yet another high adrenaline video promoting its FZ-07 and FZ-09.

It just seemed like ten days ago, because it was, we were talking about the incredible new video promoting this sharp looking bike. But, this is an amazing video and sometimes things look even better when their revisited.

The FZ-09 delivers radical new styling and a host of performance updates for 2017. New features for 2017 include adjustable Traction Control, fully adjustable front forks, an Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), and an aggressive look that takes its styling cues from its big brother, the FZ-10.

The FZ-09’s younger brother comes in two flavors, with and without ABS. The FZ-07 ABS includes a new Anti-Lock Braking System, which supports the potent triple-disc brakes and boosts rider confidence by preventing wheel lock-ups in reduced-traction conditions.

The FZ-07 ABS and FZ-07 both feature the same 689cc, crossplane-concept, liquid-cooled, inline, twin-cylinder, DOHC, 8-valve engine with fuel injection, which provides outstanding low- to mid-range torque with very linear throttle response. Chassis dimensions and design ergonomics work with the qualities of the compact twin-cylinder engine to achieve a sporty, light, and neutral handling character.

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