Harley And Victory - Kuryakyn AirMaster Graphic Windshields

The latest motorcycle accessory from Kuryakyn dresses up the question of how much wind is too much wind with style.

This latest product from Kuryakyn helps bikers diminish wind buffeting in style and crown their Harley-Davidson or Victory bagger with the all-new AirMaster Graphic Windshields.

Made in the U.S.A., AirMaster Graphic Windshields are custom-formed from premium hard-coated polycarbonate that will not crack or shatter upon impact, unlike acrylic. Themed graphics are screen-printed behind a light smoke material using proprietary inks, making the images extremely durable and sharp.

First up, AirMaster Graphic Windshields for Harley-Davidson with a MSRP of $119.99. These AirMaster Graphic Windshields for Harley-Davidson batwing fairings measure 7 inches tall and are available in three different themed options. Sinister Zombie and smokin’ hot Flame graphics complement existing Kuryakyn product families for a cohesive appearance, while the new Catacomb design creates a menacing demeanor all its own.

As mentioned, Victory gets the AirMaster Graphic Windshield treatment with a MSRP of $169.99.

AirMaster Graphic Windshields for Victory measure 10 inches tall and feature an enlarged center scoop to enhance the fairing’s sharp lines and reduce turbulent airflow. Graphic options include the Zombie and Catacomb, as well as the new Tribal design only available for Victory. The screen-printed graphics fill the bottom portion of the windshields, leaving the top clear for an unobstructed view.

This accessory fits ’10-’16 Cross Country, Cross Country Tour and Magnum models.

Needed Part Numbers

AirMaster Graphic Windshields for Harley-Davidson with a MSRP of $119.99

’14-’16 H-D:

  • P/N 1276 – Zombie AirMaster Windshield
  • P/N 1277 – Flame AirMaster Windshield
  • P/N 1278 – Catacomb AirMaster Windshield

96-’13 H-D:

  • P/N 1271 – Zombie AirMaster Windshield
  • P/N 1272 – Flame AirMaster Windshield
  • P/N 1273 – Catacomb AirMaster Windshield

AirMaster Graphic Windshields for Victory, MSRP: $169.99

  • P/N 1264 – Catacomb AirMaster Windshield
  • P/N 1265 – Zombie AirMaster Windshield
  • P/N 1266 – Tribal AirMaster Windshield

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