BRAIN One - The Must-Have Track Day Motorcycle Accessory?

With the various advancements in electronics allowing riders to record and track every ride the latest gadget, BRAIN One, must surely require we spell narcissism with all capital letters.

The electronic device is relatively small, portable and chock-full of sensors including GPS+Glonass, 9-axis inertial sensor, a GoPro or action camera attachment and safety features. The device also measures trajectory, cornering, acceleration, braking, G-force, speed, bending angles, lap time and elevation differences. BRAIN One is also shockproof and waterproof so riders can use the gadget at any time, in any condition.

Best of all, it’s designed for motorsports, allowing it to withstand the stresses of weather, speed and vibrations. Its creators claim no smart telemetry device such as this has existed outside of the professional motorcycle world until today.

The audience for this device are riders who enjoy not only wringing the most performance from their motorcycle but also measuring said performance. But the sensor-filled device first shown at CES 2016 is also something that may interest developers. BRAIN One is an open and multisport device, built with Android software, that is also compatible with iOS devices. With its open API abilities, BRAIN One can be used to develop personal sports applications for motocross, go karting, snowboarding, watersports and more. With BRAIN One, the possibilities are endless.


BRAIN One is designed to be user-friendly. With the push of one button, it begins a recording session and feeds information to a smartphone app. Users can control and share the results of their sessions through their smartphone or smartwatch and even create events or challenge friends. Once connected with friends through the app, users can be updated on their standings among friends.

Being completely wireless, BRAIN One attaches to any vehicle without any cables or wires further allowing it to be easily removed and transferred from vehicle to vehicle.

BRAIN One can also be connected to an action camera such as a GoPro and using BRAIN VIEW software, users can create action-packed videos that are automatically overlaid with their performance data. Of course, these videos and data can then easily be shared via social media.

BRAIN One, a portable, smart performance sensor for motorsports, fully funded on Kickstarter surpassing their goal of €50K ($55K). The standalone device tracks riders’ performance, provides feedback in real-time and instantly stores performance data.

The device’s GPS feature includes safety alerts to help protect riders from potential accidents. Enjoying a feature found in other electronic devices and smartphone applications, an embedded sensor can detect strange positions similar to those prone to causing accidents. In case of an accident, BRAIN One will send a message to preset numbers with the rider’s precise GPS location.


While most telemetry devices cost thousands of euros, BRAIN One promises professional quality without the hefty price tag. The retail price for BRAIN One is currently priced at €299 (euro) retail price.

What could be considered an added benefit, this price is being offered through the current kickstarter program which is raising the needed capital to full bring the device to market.

“Our team is thrilled to introduce BRAIN One to the world. This device offers infinite possibilities, especially with its open API abilities, for users who want to have BRAIN One track their favorite sport,” CEO Simone Grillo said. “BRAIN One will be users’ new go-to, portable smart device for any action sport.”

BRAIN One launched on Kickstarter on February 25, 2016 allowing the first supporters to pre­order at discounted prices. However, these discounts are only available to the first backers before the price increases.

The price throughout the entire campaign will remain below the future retail price of €299.

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