Unique Kickstarter For Equally Unique Motorcycle Co-op

A new breed of motorcycle community imagined by Standard Motorcycle Co. has taken its biker message to kickstarter to create a co-op space for a collaborative atmosphere.

Standard Motorcycle Co. is Orlando, Florida's first motorcycle co-op garage and online educational hub. Founded and operated by Jason Paul Michaels and the SMC Crew, the Standard Moto Co-op is described as a space where members use the co-op space to work on their bikes in a “creative and collaborative atmosphere” teaching and sharing how to best maintain, repair, and customize their own motorcycles.

Fans of Norman Reedus may remember Jason Paul Michaels joined the actor for an episode of AMC's ‘Ride with Norman Reedus’ and they visited a motorcycle co-op. For those wondering what a motorcycle coop is, Standard Motorcycle Co describes the concept;

You may be thinking "Why would I want to be a part of a co-op motorcycle garage?" or "What is a co-op garage, exactly?" In short, to work on your bike properly you need a few basic things; tools, space, and information. By joining Standard Motorcycle Co members will have access to all of the above and so much more. Supporting co-op garages like Standard Motorcycle Co enrich the culture by bringing motorcycle enthusiasts together and provide future industry influencers with an innovative space to create.

The reason Standard Motorcycle Co. have launched a Kickstarter campaign is to fund an online resource featuring a digital library of fun and engaging content from industry experts on motorcycle maintenance as well as share knowledge gained from the co-operative atmosphere of the Orlando shop with people on the internet.

‘We are also pioneering motorcycle education by utilizing industry experts to bring members access to fun, engaging feature quality content that cannot be found anywhere else,’ reads the video description on YouTube. ‘Frame building, sheet metal fabrication, suspension tuning, and an extensive array of technical workshops will be accessible 24 hours a day no matter where you might be. And of course, there will also be content around basic maintenance and even information on how to properly setup your own home garage. All of this will be part of our Virtual Technical Library.’

The shop is located in northern Orlando near Silver Star Road, at 2545 Industrial Boulevard, it also builds custom motorcycles, provides brand consulting, and content creation.

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