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Zero Motorcycles Invites Owners To Exclusive Celebration

Celebrating ten years of pioneering the electric motorcycle, Zero Motorcycles are inviting all owners of this unique ride ‘home’ to its headquarters in Scotts Valley for an exclusive party.

Clutch and Chrome could go to town and call this Zero Motorcycle’s very own ‘Electric Sturgis’ or a ‘Charged Up Daytona Bike Week’, but why would we subject our readers to such terrible puns?

Regardless, the event proves to be an amazing way to celebrate the incredible history and achievements of Zero Motorcycles. The motorcycle manufacturer has offered an open invitation to all Zero motorcycle owners to join them on September 10th at the company’s headquarters.

According to Zero Motorcycles, it will be a day of demo rides, factory tours, a BBQ lunch and engaging talks on subjects including long-distance riding and the development of the Zero Motorcycles lineup. They also want Zero motorcycle owners to share their stories of memorable electric rides with fellow bikers and the Zero team.

Zero's FXS in action - Source Zero Motorcycles

The celebrations are recalling the start of Zero Motorcycles, which was founded in 2006 as 'Electricross' by an enthusiast, aeronautical engineer and innovator, Neal Saiki. While the public are more familiar, and some would say more comfortable, with the thought of electric vehicles through the success of Tesla, at the time Saiki started Zero there were no commercially available cars or motorcycles.

In fact, 2006 was the year the famous documentary, “Who Killed the Electric Car?” was released.

The first model from the company was called ‘The Drift’, weighing in at just 140 pounds it was considered thrilling to ride and revolutionary for its time. Electric enthusiasts taking a factory tour at Zero Motorcycles can see an example of this first model hanging proudly on the production floor today.

One of Zero’s founding principles is to provide riders with a thrilling experience while making their lives, and the world around them, better.

“We estimate that Zero riders have offset about 13 million pounds of CO2 and saved over $2,000,000 on gasoline,” said Abe Askenazi, Chief Technology Officer. “While the economics and environmental impacts tell a compelling story, the real advantage to our customers is the thrilling magic carpet ride.”

Where it began, 'The Drift' - Source Zero Motorcycle

Although there doesn’t appear to be a cost to enjoy the event, the price of entry is apparently the good taste to have bought a Zero Motorcycle, those who want to attend are asked to register for the event on the manufacturers website. Not to spoil any surprises, but there may even be a commemorative shirt in the future of attendee’s. The registration from asks for a shirt size.

Speaking of commemorative, if they’re not all sold out by the time of the event, electric riders may have the chance to see the 10th Anniversary Zero DSR.

Being built to mark ten years of being electric motorcycle manufacturers, only 50 of these exclusive models are being crafted at Zero’s Santa Cruz, California headquarters. These limited edition models are available at a suggested retail price of $18,995.


10th Anniversary Zero DSR -Source Zero Motorcycle

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