Legendary Kawasaki Motorcycle Rides Onto Commemorative Stamp

There are many ways to celebrate motorcycle passions and that long list just got longer with a postage stamp commemorating the legendary Kawasaki Z1.

Kawasaki’s ride into motorcycle history with the world’s first four-cylinder DOHC production superbike is detailed in Clutch and Chrome’s ‘Steak Or Z1 - Kawasaki's Motorcycle Sizzled By Either Name’. Today, nearly 45 years later, the Japanese muscle bike is one of the most sought-after classics on the market. The global fan community is huge and Z1s in top condition now often sell for ten times what the bike cost new originally.

This incredible ride has been commemorated by Germany’s Post Office. Commissioned by Z900.us, the globally leading online shop for owners and fans of these unique big bikes, a self-adhesive postage stamp with an inscribed value of 70 cents for a standard letter has been released.

The stamp shows a lovingly restored Kawasaki Z1 from 1973 in the arguably most famous color combination of “candy orange/brown,” frequently referred to as ‘Jaffa’ for short. As a homage to this bike’s official model name ‘Z 900’, which was derived from the displacement, only 900 folding collector’s sets featuring two Z1 stamps on the inside pages will be issued. Two stunning photos of this motorcycle adorn the front and back covers of the set.

Best of all, Kawasaki fans and history motorcycle buffs don’t need to head to Germany to enjoy it. The rare postage stamp honoring the Kawasaki Z1 is available exclusively online with the collector’s set holding two stamps sells for 10 euro including shipping and handling.


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