Motorcyclist Beats Off Would Be Thief - Given New Bike

A motorcyclist who recently found himself in the middle of a wild police chase at the cost of his GSX 600 is now enjoying the generosity of the riding world.

Late last week, Arizona rider and U.S. Army veteran Brandon Jenkins was on his motorcycle at a stop light when Joshua Michael Monigold pulled up behind him and tried to steal his GSX 600. What Jenkins didn’t know at the time, Monigold was running from police and he seemed to view the sportsbike as part of his escape.

The motorcycle was purchased by Jenkins using the last of the pay he received from his military tours in Afghanistan, so he wasn’t going to let anyone steal it. As Jenkins fought back, the pursuing police arrived on the scene.

"One minute this dude is trying to rip me off my bike and I'm trying to fight him," Jenkins told reporters after the incident, "And then I see two cops pull up and draw their firearms."

Although the motorcycle thief was knocked off, Monigold ran over the rear of the bike after he jumped back in his white pick-up truck and restarted the police chase. Monigold had been on the run from police since March 19.

After the incident, Brandon started a GoFundMe page to help get him and his ride back on the road, but he underestimated a media frenzy and the generosity of the motorcycle world.

On Saturday morning, a local ABC news station reported with the help of dealerships around the country, Kawasaki would be giving Jenkins a brand new motorcycle.

A spokesperson said Kawasaki is still working out the details, but Jenkins should be getting his new bike in Mesa at some point next week.

The GoFundMe page will be used to restore the damaged motorcycle so Brandon’s son can ride it when he is older.

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