Ducati's world reveal and celebration of new motorcycles

Nov 17, 2015 - Months of teasing, spy-photos and page after page of press releases promising to awe the motorcycle world came together on Monday when Ducati took to the EICMA stage to reveal its hard work and efforts.

Streamed live all around the globe, the Ducati World Première 2016 saw the Bologna-based motorcycle manufacturer unveil its new bikes for the 2016 range on the eve of EICMA 2015.

It’s fair to say it was a solid, confident Ducati which appeared at the event in Milan, buoyed by the just-achieved target of 50,000 bike sales and brimming with new products, innovative technology and plans for the future.

Titled ‘More than Red: Black, Wild and Pop’ the Ducati World Première 2016 streamed live around the world and was reportedly viewed by followed by thousands of people. In a way, it was the event that kicked off the 73rd edition of the International Motorcycle Show to be held at the Milan-Rho trade fair from November 19th to 22nd.

"In 2015 Ducati sold over 50,000 bikes: a huge success that was achieved without growth being a goal in itself: it was, rather, the result of our customers being extremely satisfied with our products", stated Claudio Domenicali, CEO of Ducati Motor Holding during the presentation press conference

Domenicali noted in his opening remarks that after a long period of shrinkage, he felt the motorcycle market is now showing promising signs of recovery. This combined with together with the effects of continuous product innovation and geographical expansion into new markets, are among the reasons Ducati has increased sales in the first ten months of 2015 by more than 20% with respect to last year.

“The message is clear,” Domenicali said referring to the presentation’s title of ‘More than Red: Black, Wild and Pop’, “Ducati is strongly rooted in the sports motorcycle world and is continuing to extend its reach. And that means expansion into new segments.”


Highlights from the Ducati World Première 2016 - Source Ducati Motor Holdings

The Ducati World Première 2016 showcased several new bikes: two new Ducati Scramblers, the Flat Track Pro version and the all-new Sixty2; the new Hypermotard 939, Hypermotard 939 SP and Hyperstrada 939 family; the new Panigale 959; the Multistrada 1200 Pikes Peak; the new Multistrada 1200 Enduro and the eagerly awaited XDiavel.

“In total we have 7 new bikes at EICMA 2015. These, together with the Monster 1200 R, already presented at Frankfurt, and a new Ducati Scrambler version developed jointly with Italian Independent to be presented at the end of the year, bring the number of new Ducati bikes for 2016 to nine,” the CEO of Ducati Motor Holding said.

This article focuses on the presentation that caught the two-wheeled world’s attention as well as a brief overview of the different models introduced during the event. Readers can follow the links to read more in detail about each motorcycle as well as enjoy all the photographs released from the Ducati World Première 2016.

While every rider reading has their own preferred place to start to take in all this news, the first must be to the model most seen in spy-photos over the last year.

We now know, the “black” world cited in the title of the Ducati World Première 2016 referred to the XDiavel. Aside from all the hard details found in its specifications, Ducati changed this motorcycle’s address, firmly placing it into the cruiser segment with not only bike itself but what was said as well.

The press release noted ‘this intriguing new bike sees Ducati enter the Cruiser world in its own inimitable way by presenting a true cruiser that has all the design, technology and performance one expects from a Ducati thoroughbred’. Not only has the Italian motorcycle manufacturer put the Diavel on a new road, it’s given this latest model a new name. Calling it the XDiavel, Ducati feels it brings together two worlds: the Cruiser world of low speeds, relaxed riding and long journeys and the Ducati world, characterized by Italian style, refined engineering and unparalleled performance.

Ducati noted during the presentation an S version of the XDiavel is also available.


Multistrada 1200 Enduro
If riders thought Ducati promising to enter new two-wheeled worlds was just hyperbole, they should look to the all-new Multistrada 1200 Enduro. Promising to open up a whole new ‘Wild’ world (does everyone see what Ducati is cleverly doing here) it represents the Italian motorcycle manufacturer’s entry into the maxi-enduro segment.

As a new generation of bikers seem to want to leave the asphalt behind, this certainly appears to be one of the segments enjoying a lot of attention from motorcycle manufacturers. Apparently, Ducati has noticed as well.

Calling the new model ‘born to explore and unstoppable on any terrain’, the Multistrada 1200 Enduro is a full-optional bike designed to satisfy even the most demanding globetrotter. Moreover, it's a maxi-enduro that has specifically been designed and built to handle the stress and strain of off-road riding.


Scrambler Sixty2
Now readers know the thinking behind the title of the presentation, the ‘Pop’ segment is the third of the ‘new worlds’ Ducati is riding into with its new 2016 bikes. As was speculated in the motorcycle press, this is led by Ducati’s extremely popular Scambler.

Ducati is positioning the Scrambler Sixty2 as an inexpensive entry into the riding world offering an affordable bike that's easy to handle and has low running costs. The Sixty2 is a Ducati Scrambler that draws its inspiration from youth street culture, skateboards, street food, pop music and the pop art that took the world by storm in 1962. For those with an attention to details, the clever naming will be noticed and it gives a nod to the year the very first Ducati Scrambler was launched.

The premiere was a star-studded event with both official MotoGP riders, Andrea Dovizioso and Andrea Iannone not only in attendance but they rode the new Hypermotards 939 onto the stage.

Davide Giugliano was also featured on the new Panigale 959 with Ducati noting he’s ready to return to the track on his SBK following a serious fall at Laguna Seca).

Also present in Milan was Troy Bayliss, there to endorse and sing the praises of the Flat Track Pro version of the Ducati Scrambler.

In addition to the bikes, Ducati also presented a host of new accessories, special parts and a new clothing collection for 2016; the latter featuring both the more 'technical' items and eye-catching apparel and accessories fully dedicated to the Ducati Scrambler world. A preview of the collection took place at the Fonderia Napoleonica Eugenia in Milan, an event that saw press, public and fans make their way through the engagingly original Ducati Scrambler “Land of Joy”.

Last but certainly not least, the Ducati World Première 2016 also offered a perfect opportunity to officially inform all the fans and enthusiasts watching the live feed of the dates for the next WDW, the legendary two-yearly Ducatisti global gathering. This is now set to take place from July 1st to 3rd in 2016 and takes place during Ducati’s yearlong celebrations of its 90th anniversary.

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