Yamaha's 'Masters of Torque' Returns With New Episode

A motorcycle ride into the unique animated world of ‘anime’ continues with Yamaha revisiting a popular mini-series which wrapped up in April 2016.

Clutch and Chrome not only looked at why this Japanese-inspired cartoon art form is so popular but also how much motorcycles are featured in our article ‘Yamaha's Ride into Motorcycle Anime - A Well-Taken Road’.

In 2014 Yamaha Motor commissioned a cartoon series called ‘Masters of Torque’ which wrapped up with the final episode in April 2016. Contrary to the saying, all good things don’t necessarily have to end, as evidenced by an epilogue installment to ‘Master of Torque’, released yesterday, December 26, 2016.

Master of Torque uses Japanese animation to tell a fictional story, starring Yamaha’s iconic MT Series of motorcycles. The story shows ‘the joy that comes from being in complete control of a motorcycle’, according to Yamaha’s PR department. The series prominently features the MT-09, which is the FZ-09 in North America, the MT-07 and the Street Rally version of the MT-09.

We detailed the story and plot behind ‘Master of Torque’ in our previous article with Season 1 and Season 2 set in central Tokyo and the climactic Season 3 moving to the foot of Mt. Fuji, near the final destination of Route 246. Season 3 brought the dramatic tale of the story’s three motorcyclists to a close, with the newly released epilogue detailing what happens after the events of the final episode.

Like the previous installments of the series, the epilogue has been released on the anime’s special website and the official Yamaha Motor YouTube channel. In addition to the original Japanese version, it can be viewed with subtitles in five additional languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Because we still are brimming with the Holiday Spirit, the video is featured below.

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