Ducati Teases New Scramblers In Videos - We Have Them!

Continuing to capture the imagination of the motorcycle media, Ducati teases its latest additions to the Scrambler line-up with new videos.

If the world still lived in an era of nothing but printed news, we could say a lot of ink has been used with the speculation around what the new Scrambler would look like. Admittedly, an updated saying of ‘many megabytes’ being generated by this story doesn’t quite carry the same panache.

Regardless, what started as legal filings with various agencies has turned into a solid marketing effort around what Ducati refers to as it’s ‘Land of Joy brand’.

The marketing continues from INTERMOT, the most recent major motorcycle show in Europe, when two containers housing a 60s-style café and a corner of the Californian desert were seen. Now, two videos to announce the names of the new products from Ducati Scrambler which will be presented at EICMA 2016.

The videos reveal the new models will be called Desert Sled and Café Racer, recalling a two different but equally romanticized chapters in motorcycle history.

Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled is coming! - New Video from Ducati

The desert sled honors all the famous pictures of 60’s movie idol Steve McQueen riding over sand dunes during his off road adventures that seem to inevitably result in some amazing pictures of the motorcycle in mid-flight.

Offering a café-racer is an interesting road for Ducati to ride down. The trend of designing motorcycles after those illegally raced on highways outside of major cities across England in the 1950’s has been a popular go-to for the last few years. While the model could be considered as filling a hole in the Scrambler line-up, it could also be taken as the most direct competition to the likes of Triumph, known for its British styling.

The Ducati advantage with its version, the Scrambler has a more fitting frame to pull off a ‘café-racer’ look than some of the models offered up in this genre from other motorcycle manufacturers. Just how close and reminiscent it comes will be seen when the two new Ducati Scrambler bikes are unveiled during the Ducati World Première 2017, taking place in Milan on Monday 7 November at 4.00pm CET.

For those not in Milan, the event will also be live streamed here.

Ducati Scrambler Cafe Racer - 14 seconds of motorcycle tease from Ducati

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