F 700 GS - BMW's All-Round Adventure Machine

When BMW Motorrad made the unique offer of a mobile demo ride during the Sisters’ Centennial Motorcycle Ride with the focus on its F 700 GS, it peaked our interest.

Offering up the newish model to participants of the three-week cross-country motorcycle adventure for women was indeed a clever idea. While commemorating the 100th anniversary of Adeline and Augusta Van Buren’s historic motorcycle ride across the United States, riders can trailer their own motorcycle while they test ride the 2016 BMW F 700 GS adventure bike for a full or half-day demo ride.

Not only does this allow for bikers to test the BMW motorcycle in one of the best situations, with the ride route following the Van Burens’ 1916 route as closely as possible, often along the Lincoln Highway, it could be considered a demo ride with the best possible views along the scenic routes.

Looking more closely at the 2016 BMW F 700 GS adventure bike, it’s easy to understand why this motorcycle would be chosen for this ‘mobile demo ride’.

BMW's F 700 GS - Source BMW Motorrad

The BMW GS series of dual purpose off-road/on-road BMW motorcycles have been produced from 1980. If the GS moniker sounds familiar, it should. In 2004, the R1150GS Adventure enjoyed major screen time while being used by actors Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman in their journey ‘Long Way Round’, the popular motorcycle documentary.

BMW first introduced the F 700 GS in 2012 as part of its ongoing expansion of this family. This expansion began in 2007 in the form of the F 650 GS and the F 800 GS, both of which were enthusiastically received.

Geared more towards motorcyclists who don’t need the same level of off-road expertise, F 700 GS offers a lower seating height, all-round capabilities for everyday use and more than sufficient power while also offering outstanding economy. The German motorcycle manufacturer have smaller frame riders and beginners in mind with the F 700 GS and consider it an ideal all-round adventure machine.

Add these together and you have BMW Motorrad’s tagline of ‘Carefree motorcycling fun for everyone’.

This comes in the form a 75 hp engine, low weight, the option of a low suspension and a host of safety features such as standard ABS and optional ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) and ASC (Automatic Stability Control).

The F 700 GS is powered by the well-established, powerfully distinctive, liquid-cooled 4-valve 2-cylinder engine with a capacity of 798 cc, fuel injection and 6-speed gearbox. It provides an impressively spontaneous response, remarkable pulling power, a low level of fuel consumption and can reach 119 mph.


To give an idea on how the safety features help a rider, ABS (anti-lock braking system) are a fairly modern but familiar technology finding its way onto more motorcycles. Starting off on automobiles, this technology is even more effective on motorcycles, allowing its wheels to maintain tractive contact with the road surface during braking, preventing the wheels from locking up and avoiding uncontrolled skidding.

Depending on the road conditions, ASC limits the drive torque of the engine, significantly increasing active riding safety in when wheel slip is detected. Both the ABS and ASC systems may be switched off for off-road use. Optional ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment), including Comfort, Normal and Sport riding modes, allows the rider to individualize their ride and comfort level.

As mentioned, this motorcycle was first introduced in 2012, but the latest model does enjoy some upgrades. A new knee cover with its galvanized surface significantly increases the visual appeal of the F 700 GS. The same is true of the high-quality design of the new ignition lock cover and tank cover.

BMW feels details such as the new model inscription and the dual-color seat cover create a look that stands out.


The latest model features three paint finish and surface variants.

According to BMW Motorrad, the variant "Style 1" in Light white non-metallic emphasizes the athletic side of the new F 700 GS.

  • Light white non-metallic paint finish.
  • Frame in Racing red non-metallic.
  • Red spring strut.
  • Grey/black seat.
  • Large hand protectors with large top spoiler.

A strikingly progressive appearance is what BMW is going for with its basic variant in Sakhir orange metallic

  • Sakhir orange metallic paint finish
  • Frame in Agate grey metallic matt
  • White spring strut
  • Grey/black seat

Finally, looking for ‘a deliberately masculine and mature style’, the basic variant in Mineral grey metallic

  • Mineral grey metallic paint finish
  • Frame in Agate grey metallic matt
  • White spring strut
  • Grey/black seat

Including the premium package, the 2016 BMW F 700 GS has a MSRP of $10,545 and is available in the three colors outlined above.

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