A major video game title wanted to bring an extra level of authenticity to their latest World War 2 title. Indian Motorcycle was more than happy to help.

As winter rides in, motorcycle enthusiasts may be searching for different ways to fill their biker passions. For those with the right PC or owners of Playstation or Xbox consoles can consider the video game ‘Ride 2’.

As the colder weather moves across the nation, bikers may find their motorcycles spending more time in the garage than on the road. A new record-breaking videogame may blow away the biker blues.

A videogame is adding outlaw bikers and motorcycle gangs to their online world. Is this a two-wheeled escape for those days it’s impossible to ride in our real world?

An apparent hardcore biker is the star of a new videogame which allows players to slip into the boots of a ‘one-percenter’ no less.

Ducati have been promising special events and unique ways to mark its 90th anniversary, so it should be too surprising this celebration involves a video game.

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