The latest, and in some ways, greatest news for riders, not only are motorcycle thefts continuing to fall when taking a long-term look, stolen bikes are increasingly being recovered.

Having a motorcycle stolen is easily among the top nightmares of many bikers. For riders breaking out in a cold sweat even thinking about this, here’s a reassuring story.

Understanding the discussion of motorcycle thefts can only raise the blood pressure of any true rider, readers should be prepared for deep breaths as Clutch and Chrome has a new report regarding this very topic in our biker-gloved hands.

A wrong was made right through the generosity of the two-wheeled community, and more specifically, Kawasaki, through a free motorcycle.

A motorcyclist who recently found himself in the middle of a wild police chase at the cost of his GSX 600 is now enjoying the generosity of the riding world.

Fact, where a rider lives will decide whether they experience their motorcycle being stolen.

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