Limited production run and incredible power is the latest offering from performance motorcycle manufacturer MV Agusta.

Although motorcycle enthusiasts may have images of leaning their way through corners at high speeds from the saddle of a MV Agusta, high-finance is the current focus of the Italian manufacturer.

Looking forward with new takes on its classic lines, MV Agusta’s 2017 Brutale 800 rides into American showrooms.

Riders who feel they don’t know enough about the performance brand, MV Agusta are not alone. The Italian motorcycle manufacturer agrees and will change their marketing in the United States up a gear for 2017.

A special version of the latest performance powerhouse celebrates the return of a motorcycle classic to the MV Agusta line-up and latest technology evolution from Pirelli.

If motorcycles were sold on intrigue and drama, MV Agusta would be the number one biker brand, with the latest chapter boosting sales even further.

A destination motorcycle road trip across Italy and three nearby large Mediterranean islands has opened up for April 2016.

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