If Kawasaki is successful, riders will not only talk to their motorcycles but those same bikes will know they’re feeling.

Long before social media created online hangouts, in the eighties and nineties Kawasaki used the power of printed advertising to bring together its followers and owners to actual physical places to gather.

Owners of Kawasaki motorcycles have a new riders group to belong to. Sort of. The Riders of Kawasaki motorcycle loyalty club has teamed up with the American Motorcyclist Association in a unique partnership.

A sign of a motorcycle manufacturer’s impact on our two wheeled world is just how many well-known models are etched on the minds of riders. Boasting Ninja, Z1 and the Vulcan Kawasaki’s history is rich with such names.

Flipping through the pages of motorcycle history, riders have to go back a few chapters to find a time before the famous moniker of ‘Ninja’ would become a term for a performance ride.

A range of riders might want to pay attention to the following recall safety notices issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Association which currently include motorcycle manufacturers Yamaha and Kawasaki.

The evolution of motorcycles goes beyond technology or features. With that thought, Clutch and Chrome looks back at an era of Kawasaki’s two-wheeled advertising that tempted riders of days gone by.

There are many ways to celebrate motorcycle passions and that long list just got longer with a postage stamp commemorating the legendary Kawasaki Z1.

With an internal code name of ‘New York Steak’ while being developed, Kawasaki’s legendary Z1 would go onto sizzle its way into motorcycle history.

Owners of Kawasaki’s popular cruiser, the Vulcan S can ride in customized style with a new saddle from Corbin.

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