360fly Partners With RaceRender For Stunning Motorcycle Videos

Data overlays and post-production could be the motorcycle discussions at the next track day thanks to a new partnership between 360fly and RaceRender.

It’s been a well-used phrase in the pages of Clutch and Chrome, many of the advancements in technology enjoyed by bikers have nothing to do with the motorcycle itself, but the ride. Interestingly enough, as far into the future these tech leaps push the motorcycle community, many are taking us back to the core of the past time, it’s really all about the ride.

This is seen in the latest partnership which brings together 360fly, Inc., maker of single- lens cameras that capture stitchless 360-degree video and RaceRender, an innovative overlaying software platform specializing in custom video data displays. Basically, riders will be able to enjoy the first-of-its-kind 360-degree telemetry overlay video experience for 360fly camera users.

This isn't a video game, but track footage with the data overlaid

When the GPS is enabled, the 360Fly camera’s built-in GPS, gyroscope, and accelerometer record location data. That information, including latitude, longitude, altitude, and speed is embedded into the video file. This ability sets it apart from other action cameras which need to paired with another device to not only gather all the technical data, but then needs to be synced to the video during an editing process.

This advantage, claims the manufacturer, makes the 360fly 4K camera one of the smartest action cameras available. With this new partnership, riders will be able to upload 360fly 4K video to RaceRender and seamlessly add video graphic overlays for data, such as track maps, lap timers, speed, best lap times and more.

All the promotional screenshots used the four-wheeled racing world but there doesn’t appear to be any reason this same system couldn’t be used by riders wanting to capture the same information for their own time on the track.

RaceRender allows users to customize exactly what they want to do with that information with several templates and adjustable options. Users can add a video-game-like map to the corner of their footage along with their lap times. Or, add a speedometer, G-Force meter, and gyro indicator.

Choosing the display template and transferring data collected by the 360fly 4K camera to the RaceRender software

For those already using a 360fly 4K camera, this new level of information is as close as a download of a needed program from RaceRender.com. After filming, users can then upload to the RaceRender platform and add the data. When users enable the camera’s GPS within the mobile app, the camera will capture latitude and longitude, altitude and speed. Users can conveniently edit and share their custom video directly from RaceRender to social channels, such as Facebook and YouTube.

“Our integration with RaceRender represents yet another example of our ongoing efforts to innovate and raise the bar with advanced technologies for 360-degree video and the broader action camera market,” said Peter Adderton, 360fly CEO. “In-video statistical data overlays are the ultimate bragging tool, as racers, riders and action sports enthusiasts display critical performance data, including top speeds, lap and race times and more.”

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