Being An Outlaw Biker In A Motorcycle Gang Is Only A Video Game Away

A videogame is adding outlaw bikers and motorcycle gangs to their online world. Is this a two-wheeled escape for those days it’s impossible to ride in our real world?

Regardless what lane a motorcycle enthusiast rides in, there’s a rough and ready biker in all of us. This new addition to the Grand Theft Auto Online title may allow upstanding bikers to cruise the lawless highways.

For readers unfamiliar with Grand Theft Auto Online (GTA), it’s a persistent, open world online multiplayer video game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. Played with others from around the world, actions have consequences, to both players and the computer world the game is set in.

Speaking of which, GTA is set within the fictional state of San Andreas which is based on Southern California and allows up to 30 players to explore the open world and engage in cooperative or competitive game matches. The open world design lets players freely roam San Andreas, which includes open countryside and the fictional city of Los Santos, based on Los Angeles.

The game’s developers add new content to keep existing players interested and biker gangs as well as the motorcycles they ride the next big addition to GTA Online. Called ‘Bikers’ the addition brings the ability for players to form and lead their very own Motorcycle Club for up to 8 players. Going completely ‘Sons of Anarchy’, GTA Online will have players go from fresh Prospects to club Presidents with what’s being called ‘a massive slate of new competitive and co-op gameplay’. While there are motorcycles in the game currently, the new addition will offer range of new motorcycles, properties that include MC Clubhouses with a special custom Biker mechanic, and venues for seedy business ventures.

‘Beyond a range of opportunities to climb the ranks within a gang and build lucrative businesses as a formidable MC,’ Rockstar Games notes, ‘Bikers also includes a selection of appropriately-themed new modes for bikers of all kinds, along with new weapons, styles, tattoos and features to make this a huge addition to the world of GTA Online’.

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