A Motorcycle Theft That Ends Well

Having a motorcycle stolen is easily among the top nightmares of many bikers. For riders breaking out in a cold sweat even thinking about this, here’s a reassuring story.

At 4:28pm, the Find It Now USA theft recovery team received notice of a stolen 2014 Victory Vegas 8-Ball motorcycle in Georgia. Utilizing the FIN GPS security device installed at purchase from Mountain Motorsports of Roswell, a FIN theft recovery expert was able to immediately start tracking the location of the motorcycle, relaying GPS coordinates and movement information to local authorities.

The FIN customer stated that he had mechanical issues with the motorcycle, leaving it on the side of a busy I-285 bypass. While going to seek assistance, the owner received an alert that the motorcycle had moved. Immediately, the customer contacted FIN, local authorities, and started using his phone app to monitor and track the location of his stolen Victory motorcycle. Eventually, the motorcycle stopped moving, reporting its location in the backyard of a residence, 19 miles away.

After a short period of time, the customer noticed the motorcycle was moved again, this time to the front yard of the same residence. Concerned that his motorcycle may be moved yet again, the customer quickly headed to the last reported location to meet with police. Upon arrival, a man was seen throwing the motorcycle down and fleeing into nearby woods. At 5:01pm, 33 minutes after report of theft, the customer successfully recovered his motorcycle, with police arriving shortly thereafter.

Using a motorcycle accessory rarely seen but considered priceless by those who’ve installed them, similar success stories of GPS tracking devices helping to catch the bad guy and save the bike tend to hit the headlines every few months.

In this case, it was an Original Early Warning GPS Security System from Find It Now USA, which has been designed specifically for Motorcycles and the Power Sports Industry. Launched at the 2009 V-Twin & Dealer Expo shows, the company continues to make appearances at motorcycle shows and events.

If all this sounds interesting, riders should consider not only the cost of the device as well as installation charges but also the annual security, or monitoring, costs. Good news, some insurance companies will discount their policy if such a system is installed on a motorcycle.

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