Motorcycle Accessory Prototype Offers Technology And Safety

Tomorrow’s riders will have some amazing technology at their fingertips, making road trips easier and safer. A peek at such a system comes from a New Zealand start-up company.

According to a press release, REYEDR have been furiously developing an attachable HUD device for motorcyclists. The company name is pronounced ‘rider’ and while the spelling may seem a strange or forced approach, their motorcycle accessory is quite clever.

The idea is to deliver information riders use from smartphones applications at eye-level, eliminating distractions from looking down at the dash and allowing motorcyclists to ride safer by keeping their eyes on the road at all times.

It appears to attach to a helmet and deliver turn-by turn information from a smartphone navigation system. This would make the device the perfect aftermarkets part for riders wanting a technological edge.

When it comes to 'smart' helmets, the motorcycle community was teased with 'AR-1 Intelligent Motorcycle Helmet' but aside from shipping a limited number, the company went out of business. BMW Motorrad have said they are developing their own HUD helmet with no indication on when it will be released.

REYEDR, based in Auckland, New Zealand, were finalists in the University of Auckland Spark Entrepreneurship Challenge 2015, and Alumni of the Lightning Lab Digital Accelerator 2016. Now they are readying their prototypes to showcase to the world at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), 2017 with an eye to gather distributors, collaborators and investors for their venture.

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